iMediaShare for Service Providers

"Very interesting product, which improves the end-user experience in the ubiquitious ecosystem of (mobile) home entertainment devices and creates a plug-and-play-ish experience."
Gianluigi Cuccureddu, The Business Insider

iMediaShare for communication service providers

  • Extend reach delivering content services outside of users' set-top box environment... including on TV screens!
  • Expand subscriber base by offering hardware-free zero-barrier-to-entry access to content services
  • Increase footprint in users' connected homes and in their lives -- be available anywhere, any time, any screen
  • Increase content revenues through universal accessibility
  • Promote personal digital locker services and faster Internet connection packages
  • Lead in the digital entertainment innovation

"One of the most innovative products I've recently used. Bringing your personal multimedia content from your mobile and a lot more from the internet to your TV is a simple and extremely powerful idea."
Krasen Hinkov, Director of Products & Services, Mobiltel